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SANI-99 is a Powerful, Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Powder-Based Sanitizer.

Designed to target and kill viruses, bacterias and pathogens. It kills COVID 19. Alcohol free sanitizer in the UK.

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it kills covid 19

Certified as Efficient Mitigator of COVID.

Our eco friendly commercial sanitizer kills COVID-19 instantly.

100% alcohol-free

Safe Sanitizer in Powder Form.

Sulphate 49%

Oxidizer 31%

Peracetic 11%

MPS 9%

Everything In Once PlacE

Best Alcohol Free Sanitizers

SANI-99 doesn’t evaporate, protecting the user for longer periods. It’s recyclable, just mix the powder with water into one container. It’s not hazzardous for storage and transportation.


Just mix the powder with tap water into a container.


Food Safe

Non-flammable and not poisonous if ingested.

Gentle on Hands

Suitable for all skin types and it can be used on any surface.

Kills 99.99995% of Pathogens

Destroys viruses and microbes. Internationally certified.

20-Seconds Preparation

Just mix the powder with tap water.

Recyclable, durable and environmentally-friendly.

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They have excellent service and can get help anytime. They have an excellent product
Ismail Uysal
Ismail Uysal
Seven Sisters is one of the best companies in personal opinion i have worked with few other companies but this company is helpful, supportive in every part where ever i’m stuck every time even a small problem they take seriously and solve it as fast as possible, doing business with them the experience is great because they are loyal and honest with everyone. Highly recommended.
Hamza Shaikh
Hamza Shaikh
We have switched over to sani-99 completely after finding seven sisters. This product has saved us a lot of money and warehouse space. I was also pleased that we were able to purchase by kilo rather than just the sachets - these are some of the most flexible distributors I have dealt with. We are excited to see what they come out with next.
Tareena sean
Tareena sean
First I was skeptic because it was really new for me. I've never used a sanitizer in powder form, but fortunately I have to say it is brilliant. It is really powerful and space saving (I just put it into my pocket and I can take it anywhere I want).
Balázs Adorján
Balázs Adorján
Provide a great product, coupled by fantastic service and 24/7 support. A different way to stay sanitised!
The customer service is great and they always provide all the help.

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